FIFA 14 Gameplay Changer

Gameplay based in FIFA 17 Full Compatibility with FIFA 14 Moddingway Mod.

Download v3.2:

*Improvements in goalkeepers.

This gameplay mod makes your FIFA 14 gameplay more real.

 I have added more better movements for the players changes on request of NebelFerni.
-Added more agressive IA request of Gilberto Mendoza.

In request of Vedat Andak, Sami, Кирилл Зеневич and am LEVINE.

- Dribbling Problem fixed
-Accelerating fixed
-Sliders improved

*You can tell me your feedback and what do you want to improve this gameplay mod.

How to install?:
You need to regenerate the "db" folder with the content in your FIFA 14 folder using i68Regenerator


  1. i cant install it, what whould i do? i put the db folder in the game\data and regenerate but nothing changed

    1. not working men, nothing changed, i tested in two version of fifa 14 but steel not work

    2. yes me too, why i don't changed i68regenerator ?

  2. please do a ubdate for fifa 14 carrer mode

  3. Hi bro Ben Moddingway FI XIV Mod Update 11.5.1 yamasını kullanıyorum bu yama bozar mı oyunu


  4. Need some other version? Can you give me the links? thank you.

  5. i68Regenerator que version se necesita ? no noto ningun cambio !!

  6. Is it compatible with moddingway patch?

  7. juventus crashes.please fix it in db

  8. pliz fix ..tactical marking on second player press.. stand tackle...push and pull tactical marking...and improve defending intelligence while on auto switch because as it stands the defenders do a lot of errors on airballs

  9. hello friend please your mod is good, but need you fix the shoots and control of ball bro please. when upload the update?

  10. bro.. can you please make the ai of players like isco (specially) more realistic and can you please fix some of the random celebrations.. and i think the ball control needs improvement and a little bit of fix in acceleration in accordance with the ball control... thank you.. love your mods...


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