FIFA 14 Gameplay Changer

Download v2.4:

This gameplay mod makes your FIFA 14 gameplay more real.

 I have added more better movements for the players changes on request of NebelFerni.
-Added more agressive IA request of Gilberto Mendoza.

In v2.4:

In request of Vedat Andak, Sami, Кирилл Зеневич and am LEVINE.

- Dribbling Problem fixed
-Accelerating fixed
-Sliders improved

*You can tell me your feedback and what do you want to improve this gameplay mod.

How to install?:
You need to regenerate the "db" folder with the content in your FIFA 14 folder using i68Regenerator

1 comment:

  1. i cant install it, what whould i do? i put the db folder in the game\data and regenerate but nothing changed


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